I’ve been using the Immupure line exclusively for 4 months now and I’m amazed by it’s simplicity and effectiveness. For years I’ve struggled with Keratosis Pilaris and blotchy red skin and tried an array of products to help correct my condition. Nothing I ever bought worked and then I was introduced to Immupure. I decided to give it and try and devote my self exclusively to the line. Wow! What a difference it’s made in my skin. The bumps are practically gone, I rarely breakout and the redness has mostly subsided. Colostrum really does wonders for your skin. I love that the line is infused with this nutritive ingredient and I don’t see myself using any other products going forward.
— Swede, Old Greenwich, CT

Swede Recommends

After a few weeks of using Immupure, I noticed that a small rough red patch on my face had started to shrink. I hadn’t known this was possible. Colostrum is an astoundingly nutritive property, and the science behind it makes absolute sense. While many high end moisturizers claim to nourish, the benefits of Immupure have been decisive, clear and impressive. No moisturizer has EVER demonstrated such obvious improvement to me as Immupure.
— Sarah, New York, NY

Sarah Recommends

Every day, after cleansing, I first apply the Lifting Eye Serum, then the Microinjected Wrinkle Smoothing Serum and finally the Daily Eye Face and Neck Firming Moisturizer. This moisturizer has the perfect consistency for day use, not too thin, not too thick. I apply it all over my face, neck and chest area. And it only takes a minute or 2 to dry. Although I’m a skincare hog, a little goes a long way. This moisturizer spreads so easily & is instantly absorbed. You can immediately feel the tightening effect I described with all the other products.
— Diane, New York, NY

Diane Recommends

As a Beauty Editor I come into contact with hundreds of brands on the market, and Immupure has become one of my personal favorites. The quality really stands out, and the products are superbly effective.
— Pia-Maria Norris, Beauty Editor