FUR SIE July 2010

True beauty comes from within - and your dream job makes them happy! For over two decades Anna Karina's good mood is contagious. It shows the same when she enters a room - and radiates. "I always say that one must enjoy life. It is a wonderful thing - especially when you get older. One can things but much more relaxed look than before. "It is precisely the model business is a tough business, the beauty of" survival ". What Anna Karina, however, not under pressure. Their motto: Always stay relaxed. "As long as I comfortable with that feel and there are cosmetics that are good and like hiding a few years, I see no reason to quit modeling. But I just love this job too much. "

Beauty tips: Anna Karina Care: Products from Weleda. For example, the face care line "pomegranate" with many antioxidants. No make-up! To protect their skin, they almost never used privately decorative cosmetics. Without it gets: After the photo shoot a good cleaning fluid as "DermaClean" of Immupure.